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Best Functional Trainers for Home Use

TuffStuff Fitness Six-Pak Functional Trainer at Elite Exercise

Highly adjustable and versatile, functional trainers empower users to perform nearly unlimited exercises: including sports-specific movements, bodybuilding, functional fitness and rehabilitation exercises.

Few fitness manufacturers can rival the quality of TuffStuff Fitness’ functional trainers.  Key to TuffStuff’s success is their commitment to only use the very best materials.  Including USA-made and certified EXERFLEX PRO® cables, which provide the smoothest and strongest possible cable pulley system.

With compact designs, TuffStuff’s strength equipment is engineered to provide the most efficient use of space.  The open frame makes TuffStuff’s machines accessible to benches, wheelchairs, and stability balls.  Highly adjustable and equipped with 360 degree rotating swivel pulley handles, TuffStuff’s multifunctional trainers also include unique cable ratios for extended cable travel.  Because of TuffStuff’s strict adherence to quality materials, most of their residential equipment also includes light commercial warranties.  And all of TuffStuff’s residential strength equipment is backed by a Home Lifetime Warranty to the original purchaser.

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    TuffStuff Evolution Smith Machine / Half Cage Ensemble (CSM-725WS)

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    TuffStuff Six-Pak Functional Trainer (SPT-6x)

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    TuffStuff Corner Multi Functional Trainer with Smith Press (CXT-225)

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    TuffStuff Corner Dual Stack Multi Functional Trainer (CXT-200)

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    TuffStuff Evolution Dual Stack Multi-Functional Trainer (MFT-2700)

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    TuffStuff Six-Pak Functional Trainer (SPT-7) for Light Commercial use

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    TuffStuff Evolution Dual Adjustable Pulley System (CDP-300)

  • TRUE Paramount FS-70 Functional Trainer

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  • TRUE Fitness QuickFit Home Multi-Station System

  • TRUE Paramount FS-100 Functional Trainer

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    TuffStuff Dual Stack Functional Trainer (HTX-2000)