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TRUE Fitness Recumbent Exercise Bikes

Exercise bikes continue to grow in popularity as users seek cardio equipment that places less stress on the joints.  Of all the exercise bikes available, Recumbent Bikes are the most comfortable.  They are a great option for those who are new to cycling, and may not be accustomed to sitting in the saddle for an extended period of time.  Recumbent bikes, in particular, are an excellent option for those with low back pain as the bike provides added support for the back.  Great for virtually all ability levels, recumbent bikes provide an enjoyable and comfortable cardiovascular workout.

Whether alone or in a class setting, TRUE recumbent bikes are a strong addition to any home gym or commercial facility.  Durable construction and intuitive design make TRUE’s bikes a favorite among members and owners alike.  Contact Elite Exercise Equipment to find the right recumbent exercise bike for your needs.

  • TRUE Fitness ES700 Recumbent Bike

  • TRUE Fitness ES900 Recumbent Bike

  • Spirit Fitness XBR25 Recumbent Bike

  • Spirit Fitness XBR55 Recumbent Bike

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    Spirit Fitness XBR95 Recumbent Bike

  • TRUE Fitness C400 Commercial Recumbent Bike

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  • TRUE Fitness C900 Commercial Recumbent Bike

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  • Spirit CR900 Commercial Recumbent Bike

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  • Spirit Fitness CRS800S Recumbent Stepper

  • TRUE Fitness Performance 50 Recumbent Bike

  • TRUE Fitness PS100 Commercial Recumbent Bike

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