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Elite Exercise Equipment carries full commercial treadmills designed for studio gyms, universities, recreation centers, and other dues paying facilities.  Shop quality treadmills from brands like TRUE Fitness.  TRUE has designed the very best treadmills since 1981.  They’ve led the industry with innovative features that constantly strive for the best user experience.  Comfortable, reliable and easy to use, a TRUE treadmill will always serve you well.  Contact Elite Exercise Equipment for help finding the right commercial treadmills for your fitness facility.

TRUE’s entire commercial cardio line includes built-in workout programs and patented heart rate control technology.  TRUE’s HRC® Cruise Control is designed to push you to a greater level of fitness.  Once you have reached your desired training level, simply touch the HRC Cruise Control button and it sets your target heart rate and keeps it there for the rest of the workout — just like setting cruise control in a car.  TRUE’s cardio machines will automatically adjust speed, grade, and resistance to keep you within a few beats of your target heart rate.